M i s s i o n
Kings International Schools seeks to give useful learning to its Pupils/Students. Our products shall be encouraged to contribute and positively affect the world with the view of making it a better place to live in.
Kings International Schools shall be the centre of academic excellence where knowledge, skills, norms and value will be pursued relentlessly to make sure that there is continuity in the development of human abilities, service to the nation (Nigeria) and the world at large in the wider context of traditional wisdom and culture.
To provide the best and standard educational experience for our Pupils/Students and the public through excellence in teaching and creative activities and service to the State, Society and the World at large.
V i s i o n
P h i l o s o p h y
Kings we call ourselves
That's just who we are
Sent into the world
To make a huge impact

Kings that who we are
We are so pro------ ud
We will work so hard
To be the very best

Kings we call ourselves.
We will rule the world
We've made up we will work
In the footsteps of our king

Kings we call ourselves
Just as our king
Jesus Christ, our lord
Our perfect example.
...The School For The 1st Class
Kings school international
The head of all schools
I love you
I cherish you
My future lies in you.

In Christ our lord
Success is sure
Victory is certain
Like mustard seeds
We will produce seeds
Our seed will last.

Kings school international
Show us Christ
Show us life
Kings: we are proud of you!
Make us kings
Make us leaders
We hail thee; kings
Higher still, kings
Up, up kings.
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